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Food Delivery Rent-a-Scooter

Rent A Scooter For Food Delivery


Why deliver food with a rental scooter for food delivery services?

According to a report prepared by Deloitte, the online food delivery market in Australia is estimated to be worth just over $2.6 billion in 2024. Uber Eats cited a 75% growth for their business in 2023, working with more than 8,000 bike riders and 11,000 restaurants across Australia. While industry data shows the segment isn’t growing as fast as it once was, it is here to stay and has become part of our daily lives. This creates opportunities for people to use a reliable, high-quality rental scooters for food delivery services to earn an income. It is estimated that almost 20% of Australian consumers get food delivery once a week, mainly via a scooter which is fast, convenient and more economical than acrs or motorbikes.

Moto Sparta Scooter hire

Can you rent a scooter to earn money from food delivery services?

You can rent a scooter for food delivery services that is reliable and has a low weekly
cost that includes servicing plus insurance. We make it simple to be a food delivery
driver with our low cost scooter rental service that is paid weekly with no lock-in
contracts. It includes;

● Insurance
● Registration
● Servicing
● Unlimited km’s
● Emergency replacement
● Helmet
● Phone holder

This means you can rent a scooter and earn money with food delivery services. The food
service delivery fee is usually calculated using a drop-off fee, pick-up fee and a fee per kilometer
for the estimated fastest route from pick-up to drop-off for that delivery.
This means you should choose a reliable and economical scooter to rent for food delivery
services to maximise your earning capacity. Our scooter rentals have models from the Honda
range, Australia’s top selling scooter plus so much more;

● SYM ORBIT 125cc 2018
● SYM CLASSIC 125cc 2018
● PISTA S1-125cc 2024

Moto Sparta Servicing, Repairs and sales.

Can you use a scooter for food delivery services?

Yes, you can and you should, use a scooter to do food delivery services in Sydney or Melbourne. In fact you could argue that a scooter is the most economical way to do food deliveries and maximise your income. Here is why using a scooter for food delivery services is a good idea;

● Low running costs vs using a car.

● You can get through traffic easier by lane filtering to make deliveries faster compared to a car.

● It is easier to park a scooter compared to a car which is better when delivering in busy suburbs

Why is a rental scooter good for food delivery services?

1. We only range the top selling and most reliable models.

2. We offer emergency replacement, service and repair

3. All your primary costs are covered – insurance, registration, helmet, phone holder and more.

4. One simple low cost rental price.

5. On-site servicing and maintenance.

6. There are also tax benefits to renting vs owning.


Why a scooter has the best fuel economy for food delivery services...

When you are considering scooter hire it is important to consider the ‘hidden’ costs like fuel consumption. Moto Sparta’s range of scooters and have some of the best fuel economy levels available. This will save money on petrol, time to fill up and let you do more deliveries with less down time. Your scooter fuel economy rate will vary based on some of the following conditions;

● Your riding style – is it smooth or aggressive?

● The weight of the rider – 60kgs or 120kgs?

● If you carry passengers – this can double the weight.

● How you maintain tyre pressures – too low increases riding resistance.

● The type of fuel you use – 95 octane vs 98.

● The type of riding you do – stop/start vs freeway.

● If you use the idle features of the bike – switch off the engine when stopped

How much can you earn with food delivery services?

How much you can earn with food delivery services will vary depending on the type of
vehicle you are using for the deliveries, how many deliveries you do and how often. It is
important to remember that you can maximise the amount of money you can earn with
food delivery services by also reducing your scooter rental costs. Of course our rental
service in Melbourne and Sydney includes the cost of servicing, registration, insurance,
emergency replacement, helmet and phone holder so all the basic costs are covered.

Harry Bishop, a Melbourne food delivery driver said “Between Monday and
Sunday last week, Ms Tobin says she made $433.64 from her fares, based
on a total of 48 trips over 21 hours — the equivalent of $20.65 per hour."

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