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Preventative Maintenance Servicing & Repairs

Introducing the Moto Sparta Certification Program... MEMBERS ONLY 

By Partnering with the Moto Sparta Group, the experts in Superior Performance, Comprehensive Solutions & delivering Delivery Excellence, you will ensure that your vehicle TICKS all the boxes 

Reducing Delivery Service Liability and Enhancing Brand Professionalism:

Moto Sparta Group is committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety, reliability, and professionalism in the delivery service industry. Our comprehensive approach includes regular vehicle inspections, ensuring vehicles and riders are presentable and compliant with health and cleanliness regulations, minimizing downtime, and enforcing the use of proper safety gear. Additionally, we offer a free education program to ensure riders are aware of Australian road rules and regulations, vehicles are maintained and safe and access to online resources and educational material.


  • 1 x complimentary monthly maintenance check-up and report 
  • Access to member only educational material  
  • Special deals and pricing across all moto sparta vehicles and accessories 
  • Exclusive access to partner deals and discounts 
  • Automatic entry into giveaways and competitions 

Membership fee does not include cost of parts or xxxxxxx?


Regular Vehicle Inspections: 

Objective: To reduce delivery service liability by ensuring all vehicles are inspected and maintained every quarter. 

Process: Our expert technicians will conduct thorough inspections, addressing any potential safety or performance issues to ensure vehicles are in optimal condition. 

Compliance with Health and Cleanliness Regulations: 

Objective: To ensure all vehicles and riders meet health and cleanliness standards while making deliveries. 

Process: Regular checks will be conducted to ensure vehicles are clean and well-maintained. Riders will also be trained and reminded to adhere to these standards. 

Minimize Downtime and Breakdowns: 

Objective: To ensure minimal breakdowns and downtime, enhancing delivery efficiency. 

Process: Our preventative maintenance schedule will be rigorously followed, reducing the likelihood of unexpected vehicle failures. 

Enforcement of Safety Gear and ADR Compliance: 

Objective: To ensure riders are wearing the appropriate safety gear and that all gear meets Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards. 

Process: Regular inspections and spot checks will be conducted to ensure compliance. Non-compliant riders will be provided with the necessary gear. 

Rider Education through Quizzes and Questionnaires: 

Objective: To educate riders on road rules and vehicle maintenance. 

Process: Riders will have access to a number of FREE courses and educational material to learn and test their knowledge to ensure compliance. This will cover key road rules and basic vehicle checks they should perform before starting their shifts. 

Moto Sparta Group is dedicated to transforming the delivery service industry through rigorous vehicle inspections, compliance with health and safety regulations, minimizing downtime, and educating riders. By addressing the unregulated rental scooter market, we can ensure a safer, more reliable delivery ecosystem. 

Moto Sparta Servicing, Repairs and sales.

Please select from the three options below to get started:

1. ARE YOU A DELIVERY DRIVER (2 wheeled vehicles ONLY) - CLICK HERE 


By partnering with Moto Sparta Group, third-party delivery services like YOURS can ensure that their fleets of motorbikes and scooters are safe, reliable, and efficient. Regular checks, certifications, and a robust preventative maintenance schedule will not only enhance operational performance but also contribute to cost savings, rider satisfaction, and environmental sustainability. Moto Sparta Group's comprehensive offering makes it the ideal partner to support the growing demand for delivery services across Australia. 


SALES - Provide a range of high-quality motorbikes, scooters and all accessories suitable for delivery services, tailored to meet the specific needs of riders at discounted pricing exclusive to you. 

SERVICE - Offer comprehensive servicing packages that include regular checks, repairs, and maintenance to ensure vehicles are always in top condition, reducing downtime & increasing efficiency. 

HIRING - Facilitate the hiring of motorbikes and scooters at exclusive pricing, providing flexible options for your delivery riders who do not own their own vehicles. 

CERTIFICATION – Implement, enforce and maintain an approved checklist for vehicle certification and driver education, ensuring that all motorbikes and scooters meet the required safety and performance standards and all drivers are  educated, professionally presented and  equipped to provide superior service. 

3. ARE YOU A business owner & want to partner with US to promote, market and grow your brand? (Aus ONLY) - CLICK HERE  

Partner with Moto Sparta Group for Exciting Discounts and Prizes: 

Join forces with Moto Sparta Group and elevate your brand by offering exclusive discounts and thrilling prizes. Moto Sparta Group, a leading name in the sale, service, and certification of motorbikes and scooters, invites businesses to collaborate and create unparalleled promotional opportunities. 

Moto Sparta Servicing, Repairs and sales.

How It Works:

Exclusive Discounts: Partnering businesses can offer unique discounts on their products or services to Moto Sparta's engaged community, driving new customer acquisition and loyalty. 

Exciting Prizes: Collaborate on compelling prize giveaways that captivate and excite customers. From the latest gadgets to unforgettable experiences, these prizes will enhance your brand’s appeal. 

Promotion and Visibility: Benefit from extensive promotion across Moto Sparta Group's marketing channels, including social media, email newsletters, and events. This increased visibility will boost your brand recognition and customer reach. 

Seamless Integration: Our team will work closely with you to seamlessly integrate your offerings into our promotional campaigns, ensuring a smooth and effective collaboration. 

Mutual Growth: By partnering with Moto Sparta Group, you tap into a dynamic and passionate community of motorbike enthusiasts. This mutually beneficial relationship will help drive sales, increase customer engagement, and foster long-term loyalty. 

Why Partner with Us?

Engaged Audience: Access a dedicated and active community of motorbike enthusiasts. 

Enhanced Brand Image: Align your brand with a trusted and respected name in the industry. 

Innovative Marketing: Leverage creative and impactful marketing strategies to reach new heights. 


Take your customer experience to the next level by partnering with Moto Sparta Group. Together, we can create exciting opportunities that drive growth and success for your business.